One man’s protest against tyranny

The Official Website of Cedric Keith’s walk
from the Pacific Ocean to Washington, D.C.

I started this website in 2021 when I walked across the United States in protest of our authoritarian federal government. I carried a list of fifteen grievances Americans should consider intolerable and collected signatures for this list as I made my way from the Pacific Ocean to the U.S. Capitol.

Recent Blog Posts

  • COVID: A Lingering Chill for Liberty

    COVID: A Lingering Chill for Liberty


    Conservative America just wanted COVID and all that came with it to be gone. Americans just wanted to get back to their lives—to their families, work and the baseball diamond. Americans wanted the government to stop forcibly mismanaging this respiratory infection because it was soon apparent that government was incompetent in this arena and also… Continue reading…

  • Book Review: “Eco-Sanity” by Joe Bast et al.

    Book Review: “Eco-Sanity” by Joe Bast et al.


    In 1994, environmentalism stood at a crossroads. The movement as a whole could fit itself to the American model of free enterprise, property rights and individualism or it could become a favorite tool of big money interests and shameless politicians who had no use for the American way. In fact, some would say that the… Continue reading…

  • Flaco the Free Bird

    Flaco the Free Bird


    Cross-posted from Cedric’s new site at It’s a site meant to accompany his four-volume Woodrise series that will be forthcoming over the next few years. Here’s one I forgot to post back in early March when it was closer to the “breaking news” category. At great expense, I traveled to New York City to photograph this elusive… Continue reading…

  • Environmental Apostates

    Environmental Apostates


    When Salman Rushdie published The Satanic Verses in 1989, he couldn’t have foreseen the firestorm his tale would unleash. If he could have seen ahead a bit, he would have anticipated the coming fatwa, the denouncements throughout Islamic media and his own castigation as a faithless apostate. Many of us would like to think he… Continue reading…

  • Liberty As Survival

    Liberty As Survival


    I write on liberty, on survival and sometimes on fish too. This article concerns all three, but I’m going to start with fish. Several years ago, I walked through the native eastern range of the brook trout, sought out this fish in the hills and hollows of Appalachia and wrote a book on my travels… Continue reading…

  • Real Environmentalism

    Real Environmentalism


    Not all that seems like environmentalism really is. Not all the cries for environmental intervention stem from love of the earth. And not all the people wearing green on their sleeves are as pure of motive as they’d like you to think. I believe all of the above to be true but beyond my own… Continue reading…