The system of government handed us by America’s Founding Fathers in 1787 is finally broken. Most Americans know this whether or not they choose to articulate it as bluntly. It is clear today that the American citizens exist to serve their government rather than enjoying the protections of a government in which elected officials serve the people chiefly by guarding their liberties.

The increasingly fascist regime we toil under mingles the interests of the ultra-wealthy with the coercive power of government institutions. We have no idea today in how many ways unelected government bureaus monitor us, tracking what we say, where we go and who we associate with. The indestructible edifice of public schools ensures the next generation is even more saturated in statist doctrine than the present generations.

Watching or reading the news, does the present system sound like government by the people, of the people and for the people? Does this unique form of governance now perish from the earth, overtaken by European dirigisme?