As part of the effort to spread the word about The Long March of Liberty, we’ve set up an account on Gab at

Why Gab? Because unlike many of the other social media sites, Gab and its founder, Andrew Torba, refuse to censor any First Amendment protected political speech. According to Mr. Torba, “You might see things you disagree with on Gab. You might see things that offend you. We have the tools for you to block, mute, and not see those things if you so choose. On Gab you create your own experience. We do not babysit for you. Our job is to ensure the service works and that no illegal activity is tolerated on the platform. That’s it.”

This is how free speech is supposed to work.

So from now on, you’ll see a link to share on Gab at the end of each blog post. Like many site building and hosting providers, ours does not include Gab as an option for social media sharing, so we have to add the Gab link manually and that’s also why it’s not grouped with the other sharing links.

If you’re on Gab, please consider following @MarchOfLiberty and sharing links to this site with your network there; if you’re not on Gab, maybe this is the time to join.

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

George Washington