“We are at a moment of truth and a crossroads. Will we allow these people to use fear and propaganda to do further harm to our society, economy, and children? Or will we stand together and say, absolutely not. Not this time. I choose freedom.”

Rand Paul, U.S. Senator for Kentucky

Rand Paul, U.S. Senator for Kentucky and medical doctor, continues to fight for our freedoms and lead the charge against the ever-increasing tyranny of arbitrary governance. He published an inspiring video yesterday encouraging each and every one of us to “stand together” and “choose freedom,” rather than accept the “mandates, lockdowns, and harmful policies of the petty tyrants and bureaucrats.” His advice? “We can simply say, ‘No, not again.’”

You can watch the video on Rumble:

Bravo and thank you, Senator Paul!

We have rapidly surrendered too many of our God-given freedoms to these “petty tyrants and bureaucrats,” as he so aptly calls them. If we don’t soon stand together for our freedoms, before we know it, we’ll have none left.

While Gab is the only social media you’ll find us on, here’s a link to the original on Senator Paul’s Twitter feed if you want to share it there: twitter.com/RandPaul/status/1424399282447298563