What does it take to be heard by our leaders nowadays?

In Europe people have been in the streets since lockdowns were first imposed (though, honestly, the French were already out in the streets of Paris and had been for quite a while). But as of 2021, public protest had become a conflagration engulfing the whole of Europe. It’s still in progress day after winter day, but you might not be aware of any of this if you rely on American legacy media for your news.

In November of 2021 the BBC—who tend to downplay the significance of these protests as well as understate protester numbers—reported that:

“Tens of thousands of people have been marching in the Belgian capital…”

“This comes after fresh protests in the Netherlands against new lockdown rules…”

“Thousands of demonstrators also took to the streets in Austria, Croatia and Italy…”

“Tens of thousands of people protested in Austria’s capital, Vienna, after the government announced a new national lockdown…”

The BBC was sure to include a graphic demonstrating skyrocketing new cases while dodging the fact that almost no one dies from the new fast-spreading strain of COVID.

In Australia, some people are still fighting valiantly to keep from becoming an entirely totalitarian state.

Here in America, we, the purported lovers of liberty, have been put to shame by the zeal of Europeans, but we’ve still pushed back. No focal point has been more contentious than the public schools, maybe because these involve innocent children. Maybe because we’re forced to pay for these institutions. Across the nation, parents have taken a stand at school board meetings against needless and harmful COVID measures (among other things).

We’ve seen rallies for freedom and against mandates at the nation’s capital. Across the U.S. during late 2021 these protests appeared organically, drawing from the ranks of medical personnel required to be vaccinated, federal contractors facing similar requirements, and individuals who simply still value freedom.

In at least one instance, a somewhat deranged liberty activist even walked across the United States in protest against the federal government.

Yet, nothing substantial has changed. And what needs to change is substantial. We need our elected officials to stop asserting a right to trample our rights. If we let this go, the western world returns to the dark ages in very immediate ways.

When our leaders won’t listen and when certain voices are excluded from the dialogue, the stage is set for the masses to take the law into their own hands; it’s their only recourse. The alternative is to get used to escalating levels of oppression.

And this is where Canadian truckers come in.

I hope you’re all aware of this, though if you rely on our mainstream media, you may be oblivious to this or hold a radically distorted picture of what’s afoot up north this winter. Canadian truckers are now at war with their government, in the most non-violent and typically Canadian way possible. They’re fighting to not be coerced into the great ongoing medical experiment, yes, but they’re also fighting for the responsible, productive half of Canada—and they’re fighting for the free world, too.

As they sit, thousands upon thousands, laying siege to the Canadian Parliament, it’s not an exaggeration to say that these truck drivers hold the fate of us all in their hands. The world is watching—the truckers know this and Justin Trudeau knows this. The truckers know that if they acquiesce or are forcibly removed, tyranny rolls forward with little hope left to slow it. For Trudeau, his globalist allies (the only allies he’s got) are no doubt pressuring him to stand fast. If the truckers win in Canada, the common people of the rest of the planet will be emboldened. They may imagine that they, too, can throw off tyranny. The smell of diesel is wafting now toward Brussels, Vienna, and Canberra.

This is also an exceedingly dangerous juncture for world affairs—for the direction of the free world in the years ahead and for generations to come. Ottawa would be wise to hold a Vote of No Confidence, remove Trudeau, end national mandates immediately, and begin making amends with the western provinces particularly (or begging their forgiveness). If they find ways to repress the movement or, worse, to take action against its leadership and participants, pressures that can only now be described as revolutionary will continue to build. Far worse things than a clogged Ottawa may await the representatives of the Canadian people. This too could be the flash point for an international conflagration.

Just to the south, the Biden regime knows what’s coming if the truckers win at Ottawa. The wheels are already turning for The Long Drive to Washington.

So, we’ve protested against rising authoritarianism the world over. I personally spent most of a year walking in this cause. But here’s the thing, the reason this is all so very concerning presently: We’ve been ignored. In our customary and peaceful means of achieving the redress of grievances, our wise leaders have simply told us to stay in our lanes, to mind our own business, and to follow their chosen bits of science. This is an important point of escalation; we’ve introduced powerful machines into the equation, things that physically cannot be ignored. This is a sea-change for the resistance and it’s sad that it’s come to this—it didn’t have to.

So, back to my first question: What does it take to be heard by our leaders nowadays? About 50,000 truck horns, eh?

Let’s do all we can to support these guys. After raising an incredible ten million dollars on GoFundMe, GoFundMe has put a hold on their funds while the Canadian government figures out a way to take it. So first, let’s not do business with GoFundMe anymore.

Secondly, while we hate to promote “Big Tech,” the convoy organizers are using Facebook, so you can follow and share their posts at https://www.facebook.com/Freedom-Convoy-2022-100286905896085, at least until Facebook shuts them down, too. Those of you on Telegram can join them at https://t.me/+b7mesifjeOM3NDcx and those on Gab can find their group at https://gab.com/groups/59218. Given the lack of mainstream media coverage (not to mention their bias), it helps for you to share the convoy’s videos and news around social media as much as possible. You can also visit their website at freedomconvoycanada.com to learn more; if there is hope of getting funds to them, we expect it will be posted there.

Also, if you want to help and you’re here in the U.S., you can start to plan now for how you can support the convoy that’s about to roll across our country toward Washington, DC. It’s likely the most important thing you can do this year.

[Updated February 4, 2022, with a link to the Gab group.]