In recent years, we’ve been putting together a full-color twelve-month calendar showcasing Cedric’s photography. Each month features vivid images captured during Cedric’s journeys through the wild north country of the United States of America. This year’s edition benefits from his walk across the United States, with landscapes and creatures he hasn’t had a chance to photograph before. The calendar when opened measures 11” wide x 17” high.

Order your copy—and maybe some for gifts, too—online from by visiting our “Shop” page, where you’ll find links to other Long March of Liberty merchandise as well as Cedric’s book. (Please note that when you view the calendar on Lulu it will appear to be rotated sideways due to limitations with their system, but rest assured that it prints as expected.)

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    Interview on Daily Clout was excellent and you applied your insight to frame the basic issues in a way that was interesting.

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